ExpressBus is a nationwide network, within which different coach operators offer fast, convenient and affordable journeys between destinations.

Our frequent departures take you to all central destinations, and you can choose where to jump onboard thanks to our wide network of roadside stops. The ExpressBus network comprises of four coach operators. Travel green with ExpressBus!

Coach Operators

ExpressBus routes are operated by the companies listed below. On their websites you will find information on additional services, as well as current information concerning coach travel.

Länsilinjat Oy

Patamäenkatu 6
Telephone: (03) 3140 3000
Fax: (03) 3140 3099

Väinö Paunu Oy

Kuoppamäentie 14
Telephone: 020 764 9400
Fax: (03) 225 4010

Pekolan Liikenne Oy

Telephone: (03) 68 500

ExpressBus liability


Passengers must take into account that harsh weather and possible traffic jams may prolong the journey duration estimated on the timetable. When travelling to an airport or a harbour, or if there are other important connections to make, the passenger must select an early enough departure to catch their next connection.

Passengers are requested to take into account that special schedules apply during holidays.

If a possible delay or a cancellation threatens to cause unprecedented travel costs, the passenger should contact the coach operator immediately. The coach operator is not liable for any damage that the passenger could have avoided with their own moderate actions. The reimbursements caused by delay or cancellations are always treated and resolved case-specifically.

The coach operator is not liable for any costs if the delay or cancellation was caused by a force majeure event.

The driver does not have the right to pay any reimbursements to the passengers on board. If the journey is interrupted because of a technical failure, the driver will inform the passengers of replacing methods of transport, which will primarily be arranged as coach connections.

The reimbursements due to issues during the journey will be negotiated between the passenger and the coach operator, not the ExpressBus consortium. ExpressBus will assist in finding the contact information of the coach operator if needed.

Broken or lost luggage

Incidents of luggage broken or lost during the journey are usually treated case-specifically. If the passenger has put their luggage in the luggage compartment themselves, it is usually not refunded in case of dispute. Many coach operators apply a maximum reimbursement, such as €20 per kg, exceeding amount of which will not be refunded. The coach operators recommend purchasing a travel insurance.