Routes & Stops

ExpressBus coaches take you from door to door due to the extensive route network and thousands of roadside stops. Familiarize yourself with the stop locations and route network. A detailed list of roadside stops is available through clicking on the button when purchasing a ticket.

2400 departures weekly

Comprehensive airport and harbour connections

ExpressBus offers the passengers heading for airport or harbour a variety of routes and comprehensive connections. The coaches always arrive and depart near the terminal. 

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Services at Helsinki Bus Station

Over 700 long-distance buses depart daily from the modern indoor terminal of Kamppi. A variety of services and clear signs guarantee both pleasant departure and arrival.

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City-specific stop maps

Helsinki Bus Station

ExpressBus departure and arrival platforms in Kamppi

Platforms may vary during peak hours. Please check your departure platform on your ticket after purchase.

platforms 20 ja 21
time 22.00-06.00 platform 29

platform 7
time 22.00-06.00 platform 5

platform 7
time 22.00-06.00 platform 5

platforms 20 ja 21
time 22.00-06.00 platform 29

platforms 20 ja 21
time 22.00-06.00 platform 29

platforms 20 ja 21
time 22.00-06.00 platform 29

platforms 30-35

Everything under one roof in Kamppi

The Helsinki Bus Station located at Kamppi Shopping Centre is one of the most modern bus stations in the world. Approximately 700 long-distance coaches arrive and depart daily at Kamppi. The 35 platform of the terminal are located indoors. All possible services can be found at close proximity. Both the metro and the Espoo Bus Terminal can be accessed from indoors. There is also an underground walking connection to the Helsinki Railway Station.

The ticket office is located by the Kamppi Shopping Centre central square, in the immediate proximity of the escalators to the long-distance terminal. Here you will also find the restrooms and lockers for luggage. 

If you arrive in taxi at the bus station, it can take you directly indoors. And if you arrive at Helsinki in a bus, you may order a taxi to meet you at the arrival platform. There is no need to carry your luggage from one terminal to another. 

If you are taking passengers to the bus station in your own car, you can park at P-Kamppi. There is an lift connection from P-Kamppi to the bus platforms.

Illustrative info signs

Departure-specific timetables are located on screens above the platforms and on several screens, where the departure and arrival times of all coaches are indicated clearly. Audible announcements of ExpressBus departures are also made at the terminal. The timetables can be seen also at the central square of Kamppi Shopping Centre.

Other services at Kamppi

There are hundreds of shops and dozens of restaurants at Kamppi Shopping Centre. Kamppi Market Square with its market stalls is located in the front of the shopping centre. Kamppi is easily accessible by foot from all over the centre of Helsinki.
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Airport connections

Reach Helsinki-Vantaa Airport smoothly

ExpressBus coaches take you directly to the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Please see more information on airport connections from all over Finland in our timetable search (destination: Helsinki-Vantaa Airport). You may also ask for information on airport connections at Matkahuolto service points.

A ticket to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

Platforms at the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

platform 13

platform 23-24

Harbour Connections

ExpressBus coaches take to directly to the harbours of Helsinki and Turku.

Many arrivals coinciding with ferry departures are extended to West Terminal, Olympia Terminal or Katajanokka Terminal. For more information, please see our timetable search by entering the terminal name as your destination. You may also ask for information on harbour connections at Matkahuolto service points. 

In Turku, the route is extended to the harbour during ferry departure times. This applies to ferry arrivals as well; it is possible to board an ExpressBus coach directly from the ferry.

Some ferry operators offer special fares, if the bus ticket is purchased along with the ferry ticket from a travel agent or the ferry operator.

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West Terminal Olympia Terminal Katajanokka Terminal Turku Harbour

Bus stops at harbours

Helsinki, West Terminal

Helsinki, Olympia Terminal

Helsinki, Katajanokka Terminal

Turku, Viking Line Terminal, Silja Line Terminal and harbour bus station