Helsinki Bus Station

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Kamppi Bus Station provides many services for bus passengers. Timetables are displayed on panels above the bays as well as on several other notice boards that clearly display the timetables for all departures. ExpressBus departure times are also announced at the terminal. There are also timetables in Kamppi central square.

Ticket sales office at your service

Besides buying your ticket on the bus, you can also buy a ticket at the Kamppi Travel Centre and get further information about routes and timetables. The Travel Centre is located on the corner of Kamppi central square, right by the escalators to the long distance terminal. There are also toilets and luggage storage at the Travel Centre.

You can get more information about bus travel by calling the Kamppi Travel Centre on + 358 200 4090 (calls cost €1.64 per call + local operator fees).

Kamppi is a busy traffic centre

Situated in the Kamppi Centre, Helsinki Bus Station is one of the most modern and busiest in the world. Around 700 long distance buses depart from there daily and the same number arrive from around Finland. The terminal has 35 bays, six of which are reserved for arrivals. The arrival and departure bays are indoors and you can get directly from the bus station to the metro and the Espoo Bus Terminal without going outside. There is also an underground connection from Kamppi to the Helsinki railway station.